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help to find my pre-sale code?..


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i have completed it.. ultimate member to gain pre sale access.. 


i show as ultimate away from the forum (yellow block next to username) and all the presale page goes from red locked to yellow unlocked just no presale code anywhere..


who do i contact?..


 proof of purchase below in quote..




Here's a receipt for your recent order: #462026, placed on March 10, 2015. Thank you for your loyalty!- Ultimate upgrade: $75.00
- Shipping & Handling (paid in advance): $13.50Total: $88.50Note: This charge will appear as "UFC FIGHT CLUB" on your credit card or bank statement.
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ive just noticed i dont have access to the premium forum on here either..


is it possible they havnt linked my account?..


i knew there would be issues hence joing early because thats all i have read with people complaining about problems.with upgrade.


my purpose in joining was for mcgregor presale.. 

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I did not see any pre sale codes for UFC 188 when I logged in yesterday.  I was not going to purchase those tickets, but it worries me that I will not see the code next week when the 189 tickets go on sale.  If or when the pre sale code for 189 gets posted please let me know.



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Cheers pal and will I have to buy my tickets from the US ticketmaster or can I use the Irish one?


I don't have a definitive answer for you but I would imagine that you'd have to use the US ticketmaster site for UFC 189 because thats what the venue is going to use, 188 will be whatever site the stadium in Mexico City uses, and the one in NOLA will be whatever site they use. 

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just wondering, I noticed a presale date was announced for the Ultimate Fighter finale on Jul12. is my code posted yet or is that yet to come? I don't see one for the May 27 presale



It'll be on the pre-sales page a day, or two before the pre-sale.

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