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Mayhem at it again...brawl with cops outside bar in CA


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It should just say "local thug gets arrested for brawling with cops." Getting pounded once by Bisping then quitting doesn't really qualify as Ex-UFC.


He also got smoked by Grease way back in the day.  After being Tko'ed by Bisping he lost to Dolloway.  He's certified ex-UFC homie.


I think he probably should put down the bottle.  Clearly something is wrong with him and getting highly intoxicated cannot possibly help his situation.  If I was a judge I would send him to county for about 6 months and after release he's on 5 years probation where any situation in which he resists arrest is upwards of 3 years in prison.  He's completely out of control.  He can't even get wasted in his own house without having a SWAT team called in.

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