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Lineker reveals his WCC numbers.


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Lineker cuts 40 pounds to try and make flyweight and he cuts 30 to make bantamweight.


He is probably going to move up, I wonder how he will do at 135.


"I will have to cut 30 pounds to fight at 135. I used to cut 40 to fight at flyweight. Bantamweight is my original weight class. I only cut down to 125 for the opportunity to fight in the UFC. The division was new in the UFC and they were looking for fighters. I had a good record, so they signed me.”




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He's going to take multiple asswhoopins' at bantamweight.  He's also blatantly lying about his weight.  There is no way in hell that his 5 foot nothing **** weighs 165.  That's what a 5'8" Dominick Cruz weighs.  Lineker might be a buck 50 soaking wet he just sucks at cutting weight.  It seems like he doesn't even try to make the weight.  

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Yeah I'm calling total **** on his weight.  I am 8 inches taller than that little **** and there's no way he weighs what I weigh.  McGregor and Aldo are large featherweights and only weigh around 170.


This little turd is trying to say that he weighs more than Urijah Faber and Frankie Edgar and those 2 are not only taller but much thicker.


He should be able to make 135 by taking a dump.

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