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Woman vs Man at Rio Heroes


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That is some fake **** there



“In reality, at the start of the fight, he was just playing,” Gomes said. “He was going easy at first, to see what I had to offer. After I punched in, he kicked me hard on the thigh. My leg wobbled. Then I realized that he was trying to knock me out. I decided I needed to survive this. This was no game.”


It was after that kick to the thigh that Gomes got her first takedown of the fight. Once the fight hit the small square of thin blue mats on the floor, it didn’t take her long to realize that her opponent was lost on the ground. She moved quickly into full mount and then tried to attack with punches from the top position. But as her opponent covered up, Gomes found she couldn’t do much damage.

When her opponent rolled her over, she locked up a triangle choke from the bottom. Her opponent reacted the way most people would when caught in a choke he didn’t fully understand: He picked her up and slammed her down as hard he could. That’s about the time that Gomes started to worry.


“Some people thought that was fake,” she said. “There’s nothing fake about that guy picking me up and tossing me back down, hard. I landed on my spine. I could have broken my back. I thought he was crazy.”

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