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Shogun vs Lil' Nog rematch set for this summer. Who wins?


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Shogun by UD. Both fighters are durable still even though they got finished in their last fights. I think shogun just got caught in his last fight and if that didn't land, I still had shogun winning the fight. Lil' Nog got destroyed in his last fight and I see Shogun using superior movement and leg kicks and will dominate Lil' Nog for a decision.

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Shogun is my all time fav but he became a can. Still think Lil Nog is a bigger can right now so I'm going with my homie

You said it right, they BECAME CANS and thats sad doe.


Shogun was (maybe still is ?) a guy with a lot of potential but it seems as if the lack of commitment is just not there anymore. I used to be be a huge Shoguns fan and now I dont even get excited to watch his fights anymore. There isnt nothing wrong with losing but Shogun latest losses are clearly because he is just "out of the game".

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