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Couture: time for a union


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All major sports are unionized in one or another. The big ones are unionised in many more than one way.


But, as we all know, UFC is not exactly a sport.


Interesting to see The Natural talking about **** like 401 K's and health care and collective bargaining. While he wasn't a total bag licker like Cowboy, he was the UFCs Golden Boy for many years, getting title shot after title shot for little reason. When they needed to gift the title to Lesnar Randy was the go to guy. When Obamacare first raised its ugly head offering the first (and maybe only) chance for fighters to get healthcare in their latter years The Natural had nothing to say. He was too busy helping the company. 


So now that the UFC and Couture are at odds - as are pretty much all ex fighters - Randy decides its time to get on the union band wagon. 


He could have had some impact when he was fighting. Now he's just another can talking **** about a sport that no longer has any use for him. 

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Yeah I remember they had been fighting in court and the resolution was him coming back to fight Tim Sylvia ... I think the UFC thought Couture was going to get murdered.

No, that's not right, Couture came out of retirement to fight Tim Sylvia of his own choice. It was after fighting Gonzaga that he ended up in court. They brought him back to fight Brock.

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