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Dillashaw/Barao 2, Pettis/Jury, Tate/Eye Added to Chicago FOX Show


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I'll probably go im only 40 mins from the arena..still hoping punk debuts on this card but it seems unlikely

He said right from the beginning that his debut would be on Pay Per View, so there is zero chance of him being on this card.

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In terms of fight quality, maybe, but it makes no sense for a guy who just lost the title to be fighting a guy that is 1-3 in his last four, especially when that one is Maynard.

who cares about records?


Diaz would have put up a better fight


Pettis will put Jury down in two kicks

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Finally a card I can be proud of at home. Let's hope it all stays together.

no travel worries. Right in the middle of my stomping grounds. Couldn't ask for more. May have to splurge a bit on the seats now.

Now to find out when presale is!! FC party planning will be starting. July 25th will be here fast.

187 first. Then 189 and fight week. Then Fox. Woooooo

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