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Fobar ......... #Imissyou


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Why you gotta get bant bro !!!!



My love for you is like a red, red rose...... and I am a little.....thorny !!!!




All you paperboys suck compared to this genius..(I love you TC)



And my fap ratio has gone down because of lack of toilet bowl licking gifs..... Thanks a lot JC.....



People responsible for this travesty can please crawl into the closest car fire...


Please go back to your Can lives....



#discuss.. but your opinion if negative doesnt matter.. please slip into a coma
















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I shouldn't really be telling you this but i found out his ban is just a cover for a secret SAS mission to an unknown location in what is known as the midlands in the uk.

I expect tomorrow we'll see Fobar back....and Identity's Midlands reign of terror will be over.

RIP in pieces Islamic Identity

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Everyone thinks I'm a part of Al Qaeda and I'm still posting



C.I.A and MI5 and MI6 are all looking out for the one known as Identity.  Also, because we have reason to believe you are an alien from another planet, the MIB are currently looking for you. 


Don't blink, m8.

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