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Rich Franklin: a cautionary tale.


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They should make Rich Franklin's life story into a "stay in school" campaign for the kids. He had a promising career as a math teacher ahead of him, and then he left it to be a fighter, and suffered a buhr00talc0re knock out at the hands of Jackie Chan's fatter cousin. Apparently he racked up some serious debt at the hospital in China, because now he's stuck working for the Asian branch of Jungle Fights to pay off the debt.



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Rich only lost to roiders. If the UFC tested back then rich would still be champ.. Or bisping



rich franklin was the champ before silva



One of the true mma elites of his time.  Dude trained seriously hard and went on a healthy diet just to remained on top.  Nobody, even Silva, trained as hard as he did. 



GOAT status.

Never EVER dishespect Franklin. He will pull his paddle out and spank the hell out of you.



Back in the day Rich Franklin did wonders for UFC rep. Because of him they could pretend MMA is more sophisticated then Chuck Liddell & Chris Leben.


**** off trolls.



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