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Give PolarGOAT his shot.


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This is why it's stupid to promise title shots.....the most logical thing surely is to set up Rothwell v Stipe as a clear no.1 contender match.  Schedule it for the same time as Werdum/Velasquez so you've got a bit of backup when Cain pulls out again.


Or Rothwell and Miocic fight for the real title when Werdum decides he doesn't want to fight anyone but Velasquez again.


I was going to fight hurt but not against someone else that would have to step in on short notice... what a joke.

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I wonder if he knew that Steve Avery guy from the NetFlix documentary "Making A Murderer." It's only two hours straight north of where Big Ben lives, so maybe they trained together.


I'm originally from Wisconsin, which is one of the reasons I've always liked Rothwell. Kenosha is a decent town, but it's next to Racine, which is a total dump.


Anyway, Big Ben has evolved into a next-level fighter. He's no longer the guy that was TKO'd (but never out) by lay-n-pillow-fist Cain. He needs a crack at the belt.

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