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Conor is the elite of the elite ( science :)


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Mcgregor got in RDA head... never underestimate power of psychology especially when there's very little (if any) difference in class between those 2 fighters.


RDA looks huge comparing to Aldo and others that Conor fought... but that will mean nothing if Conor evades all attacks with his classy movement (same thing works vice versa).


Conor amazed me with in depth analysis and details he concentrates on, for each fighter, which is something I haven't seen in UFC yet.


If you look at the training of booth of them (that part that's available to us), you can see that RDA is mostly preparing like most of other fighters, while Mcgregor added something new to the training.


When all this counts (+ many other) things, I believe Conor will win... not because I'm his fan, but because everything points that way

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Elite of elites?


The video compares him to golfers and baseball players.


No comparison is made between him and other fighters.


If a comparison was made then the results may not seem so impressive.



Well...There could be a comparison drawn from Baseball players...that's fairly interesting..

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Page deleted wot wuhs it

He was wearing movement sensors and throwing strikes.


The video showed that his punch reaction time is similar to the reaction time a batter has to react to a pitcher. It also showed that his hip rotation when kicking is slightly better than that of a golfer when swinging.


If that doesn't sound very impressive, its because it isn't.

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I remember the original; it was on UFC ultimate insider.  The kicking stuff was very generic praise really; he hits hard and fast, but there was no definitive measurement compared to others.


One thing I do recall is that they did a balance test and he outperformed all other elite athletes (including pro-surfers).  So he's got great balance.  Problem is how does the ability to stand very still on a wobbly platform translate to MMA?  Given the Mendes fight I would suggest not at all.  So he has elite level balance, but all the balance won't do you any good if a midget bodybuilder has grabbed both of your legs.


Another thing I recall from that series was that Gray Maynard has "elite level grip"; could squeeze some machine harder than anyone up to and including LHWs.  This is why Maynard has so many subs by squeezing...

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