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Jennifer Aniston is 47 today...


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There is something about her face that I find unattractive, I think it's her chin


But that body is skeetastic


I agree. Back in the Friends craze when everyone was popping mad ****s from how hot she was I was like "meh, something ain't right about her". 


There is no doubting though she aged well. Great bod. I certainly would. Probably wouldn't shred my balls with glass or gargle her diarrhea like a few of the other loyal followers mentioned but ya know, gotta give respect for that level of commitment lol

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She delayed her asian witch curse longer then most but soon enough she'll turn into a raisin overnight.

This was my exact thought ^^^ LoL


Asians may look young for a long time (most of them) but they really do turn into a horrid wrinkly raisin in almost a blink of an eye


No offense to any Asian females running around here

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Brad's in the garage fapping to this thread while Angelina purges in the 4th floor bathroom.





Damn!! Looking at that, and looking at how insanely hot she was in Gia is just mind boggling



Jeeze she either has cancer or she's taking this starving African humanitarian thing too far. 



I'm convinced she is the ground zero carrier for Super AIDS....  

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