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RIP in pieces Kevin Randleman


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he had pneumonia that caused acute heart failure


..... overall in-hospital mortality rate in patients with pneumococcal pneumonia was 12.4%. Within this group, 9 (27.3%) of 33 patients who had concomitant cardiac events died, compared with 12 (8.8%) of 137 patients who did not experience cardiac events (P < .008, by χ2 test; OR, 3.9).

In summary, 19.4% of patients who were admitted to a hospital for pneumococcal pneumonia had ⩾1 concurrent major cardiac event. Confidence in a unifying diagnosis may lead initially to consideration of one, rather than both conditions. This frequency of the association is surprisingly high, considering the paucity of recent literature on the subject.




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I have suffered from many bouts of pneumonia over the years ,almost once every winter.Very scary because i have asthma to boot so it gets very hard to breathe,i had some scary close calls of not surviving myself.


What pisses me off is they tell you "why didn't you come in sooner" then if you come in first sign of trouble,they brush you off and send you home.Once i couldn't even make it into the Hospital from the parking lot,luckily some lady was driving by and saw me and went to get help.

What makes it worse is you become afraid to sleep because you literally struggle to breathe,no sleep makes it even worse.

There are other possibilities that may never come out in the open.Allergic reaction to medicine,it is unreal how little care they have in this regard,they usually make you sign waivers or just vaguely ask you if it is safe,like you a patient are suppose to know or something.

A question i always ask myself,what made my immune system drop down so bad that i caught Pneumonia.Lack of sleep,too much partying,i literally saw a buddy have a heart attack just because he partied all weekend with little sleep.He was walking and talking normal then bam he just fell over like he was shot by a gun.


Another thing to worry about is doctor competence,wow i have a hundred nightmare stories in that regard.In the last 30 doctors i have seen i would say about 5 were legit,the rest all quacks.Do your homework,find out about  your health so you can ask the right questions.

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