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Manny Pacman dumped by Nike


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Manny made the mistake of speaking his mind on same sex marriage - saying that you don't see animals acting that way (technically you do), therefore it makes humans worse than animals.


Well, that is pretty standard stuff in the Philippines and anyone running for office there or anywhere in the non first world. like Manny. would probably say just about the same thing.


But Nike sells crap to homosexuals all over the world and they can;t afford the controversy. Therefore Manny is fired. 


He is of course apologizing to anyone who will listen. 


He is sorry he said it.Which is kind of sad because why should be have to lie about how he feels about same sex marriage in order to sell t shirts for Nike?


Are gay people really that sensitive?

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We are products of our environments.


The Philippines is supposedly one of the more gay friendly countries in Asia but its still Asia.


A guy called Ryan Thoreson did research in to the LGBT community in Philippines.


In terms of safety and security, Thoreson’s journal also provides statistical data in terms of the **** community’s involvement in crimes as victims.


According to the survey he made, 55% of his respondents were harassed on the street, 31.2% were robbed, 25% had been physically assaulted, 6.25% had been sexually assaulted, 5% had survived a murder attempt, and 5% had been blackmailed by the police.


I don't even think gay people in other continents would care to much but more Nike covering there **** so they don't lose money.

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