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If Rafael Dos Anus dies


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Big girls need bigger than 5'8" m8.  Look at those American children.  They are so happy.  Look after them when Conor kills Frankenpettis.

You're right. It's a tragedy when these midgets have children that outgrow them when they're 11 years old.


Young Bob can take me to basketball practice and not be embarrassed of his dad anymore. I'll put my nuts on their coach's shoulder when I tomahawk slam on that idiot.

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Wish i could fight that absolute Can McCanagor.If RDA can't beat him ,he should retire,just toss his skinny **** on the ground and elbow him to death.


If i see anything other than TD attempts,i'm gonna kick RDA's **** myself.

Conor is no different than the other 500 wannabe Brit fighters,they are boxers and nothing more and Conor really doesn't even box that good,he uses the VERY simple strat of reach/distance and counters,his boxing is amateur hour.

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Bob and Donald need to be wired a check.  I'll help out.

Now more than ever. Their "father" tucked tail and ran.




Not sure whether it's Bob or Donald, but the kid on the right is suspiciously tall....not sure he is RDA's progeny.

Something you'd like to tell us Cash??

I named Donald. I am Donald's godfather. 


That's all I'm willing to give up at this point. I'll need a paternity test to provide any further news.

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