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Flying cars two years away


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Flying cars are just TWO years away: Terrafugia claims its TF-X will be ready to take to the skies by 2018
  • US firm Terrafugia's designs for a concept vehicle are in development
  • The designs include fold-out wings and helicopter-like rotor blades 
  • The vehicle will have a cruising speed of around 200mph (322 km/h) 
  • Firm expects an unmanned prototype will be ready to soar by 2018 






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whatever happened to that moller guy? did he just run off with everyones money or some ****



In 2007, Moller announced that the M200G Volantor, a successor to the Moller Skycar, would hopefully be on the market in the United States by early 2008.[6] His proposed Autovolantor model includes an all-electric version powered by Altairnano batteries.


Moller's credibility has been questioned in recent years because of thevaporware nature of his creations. In April 2009, the National

Post characterized the Moller M400 Skycar as a 'failure', and described the Moller company as "no longer believable enough to gain



On May 18, 2009, Moller filed for personal protection under the Chapter 11reorganization provisions of the federal bankruptcy law,

however Moller International (corporation) did not file for bankruptcy and continues to do business as of October 24, 2013

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