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Find me a worse fight.


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So guys as I have made pretty clear I am by no means an MMA expert, I don't have a great deal of background knowledge pre 2009, and don't really watch other organisations.


Saying that, after watching Kimbo vs Dada 'fight' I have been inspired to spend my Sunday watching pathetic and entertaining fights.


Please use this thread to suggest some hilariously bad fights for me to watch and laugh. 

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I remember that one, couldn't do that to myself again. Just rewatched Kimbo vs Mitrione.............every single Kimbo fight is terrible and he always shoots for a takedown lol. 


**** off troll!


kimbo has one of the best ground games in the sport, next only to GSP.  all of his opponents are lucky that he chooses to put them on **** street and knock their asses out, rather than to take them to the ground and truly embarass them in a one sided display, making them wish he would have just knocked their punk asses the **** right out instead


one of the most well rounded mma fighters on the planet and his ground game is extremely underrated


i think im pretty drunk now

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Kimbo vs Houston

Lol, i remember Houston spending the whole of Round 1 circling extremely slowly round the cage like one of those Easter Island crabs whilst Kimbo plodded around after him.  Shocking.


OP, here are a few:-


Nate Quarry v Kalib Starnes


luke cummo vs edilberto de oliveira (mainly for the oliveira countering with funny faces) 


And of course the famous Joe Riggs v Nick Diaz in the hospital is worth a look.


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nate quarry vs kalib starnes is a must watch

Yeah, that's right up there with the worst fights of all time. I was there live for that one.


Another awful one I was in attendance for was Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites.


One that I remember being complete dog **** at the time, and maybe it's not quite as bad as I remember since I haven't seen it again since, is Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Kevin Jordan at UFC 56.

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that fight is fake, lots of exhibition fights take place in thailand, seen a few of em



fixed or not, thats better than most of the fights ive seen in the ufc


i'd be pissing myself laughing my **** off for hours rather than passing out on the couch an hour into the fights like i did last night


they need to get a broadcast deal for merica.  finally kimbo slice would have a place he could call home

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