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Which of you fake Diaz fans has the balls to bet on him?


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My money says none of you.

You'll all claim this clown has a shot to beat McGregor, but you damn sure won't put any money on it, nor will you step up for a bet.


I accept any type and any length bet on McGregor. He'll rip into Diaz's scrawny **** with a body kick, and when Diaz puts his arms down, he'll send his pea brain flying into the crowd. It'll look a lot like that picture, but with a fist instead.

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Nice so you are going to take a guy who's been training a much better opponent for the past couple months over a guy who is literally rolling off his couch as we speak to Just start training. How brave

Seems like everybody else is pretending to back the guy from the couch.


Pretending being the key word.

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Aren't you the guy who was trying to bet on Sage??


Move along, can.


A 3/1 favorite? Yea. Aren't you the guy that ducked my bet when I was giving you 20/1 odds for that fight and missed out on the W because you only bet 10/1 favorites?

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