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Breese -Nakamura


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This fight showed what is wrong with this sport.

The ONLY reason Breese won that fight is because he was way bigger than the Asian fighter.In the past the Asian fighters always look too small for this sport,they don';t seem to play the weight game like everyone else does.


6'3 at 170 lmao ,you kidding me,he had to be around 200 lbs while Nakamura looked to be around 175.IMO the Asian was more skilled and if they were the same size Nakamura EASILY wins that fight.


I just find it sad that all around the sport the bigger guys are rising to the top and not with skill but with size.Now to be fair to Breese,he had nice standup,used a jab,did not over commit,he looked solid however it is all because he has a 6'3 frame,gives him reach,leverage in the clinch and with way more power able to control or reverse many losing situations.


On side note,these refs can get the hell off my boat,i cannot stand these refs,they are way too vocal way too much a figure in the fights.I come to watch fighters not referees.Soon a fight hits the ground they are yapping away,stay busy stay busy ....stfu.

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