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Mousasi makes some allegations


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Looks like Gegard wants a rematch against The Dragon because according to Mousasi he was cheated in the first fight by a greased up roider in Machida..


Looks like he is just trying to find reasons for his inconsistent UFC run, Heard some talk today of either Bisping or Mousasi fighting Ronaldo Souza in a number 1 contenders fight

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As he kept saying in the octagon interview & the post fight conference, he is upset that he lost his last fight & he got relegated to #9 & he thinks he is still a top 5 fighter in the division & he is in line for a title shot. I guess Machida would probably be an easy win & an easy way to undo the damage & get back up there.


He is doing the right thing anyway, talk talk talk & more talk publically to get what you want.

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I don't like Souza,imo he is every bit a suspect cheat as Romero.


Geesh man you can just look at Mousasi,he looks smaller than many 170 fighters,he is a legit fighter,much like Condit.

Yes he is very lazy at times and creates his own problems but he says he is being more careful because sloppy means auto loss.


I do not think Bisping is in Gegard's league but Gegard is his own worst enemy,i thought he would be holding a belt by now.


Much is being said about Silva not winning in  awhile,last beat a can but truth is Bisping did not win that fight,it was a crap fight of two over rated fighters.If Silva didn't horse around so much,he likely KO's Bisping by round 2.then nobody is talking Bisping and Silva is over rated again.


Luke just has that one ace in the hole,great leverage and great cardio to go with it.Gegard would have it tough versus Luke becuause of that reach difference and leaning in like he does ,Luke would get some serious headkicks in.Also Gegard just doesn't have the size imo to be a legit champ at 185,all these guys are well over 200,Romero and Souza likely close to 220.I know Silva walked around at 223 at one time,so most likely those two are easily 220,while Gegard looks to be around 200.

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MW looks pretty shallow at this moment (well it has been like that for many years tho).


Luke will be holding that belt for a long time folks. Mark my words! He is just "too complete" for the rest of the division.That being said, Mousasi, Bisping, Jacare, Machida and Anderson can all fight each other on the same night that I honestly would not care or be pumped for ! Its almost as if these 4 guys would be fighting just for exhibition, thats all. 


Today, Luke would maul all 4 of them within 2 rounds if he "fights safe" lol.


I used to think Weidman didnt deserve an immediate rematch but I have changed my mind. He put an end on Anderson reign, he did beat Machida and Vitor so give the guy the rematch. Also, it will be fun to see what the excuses will be this time.


Last but not least, Vitor, Vitor is the only guy who rightfully deserve a shot at Luke. TRT or not, the books say Vitor KTFO Rockhold so he is the only guy I truly wanna see getting a shot at Luke.

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