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PR rep secretly filmed warning media member not to ask Ronda Rousey fight-related questions


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I love to watch that kinda stuff about Ronda's broken soul!


Amazing how a human being just think so big amount herself and ignore the reality that EVERYONE is beatable. 


I really wonder how would be Ronda's reaction when she, maybe someday, goes to a stare down with Holm again. If Holm was a bully and would trash talk Ronda, Im sure Ronda would pull out the rematch on the weigh in day lol

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Although the media and fans are still talking about Ronda Rousey’s loss to Holly Holm last November, it seems apparent that the former UFC champion is done discussing it.


During an interview with 7perth.com.au, Rousey gave specific instructions that any questions or conversation about fighting will result in her walking out on the interview.




Now if Ronda was a celebrity chef, singer, dancer hell any number of things she wouldn't have to answer any questions on fighting. The fact however that you are a professional fighter and flat out refuse to speak about your profession stinks.


She is backing herself in to a corner if she tries to continue dodging questions she doesn't want to answer.

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Like Mike said "it takes a lot of energy to be a super star" lol


I couldn't believe it when he said that during the fight, while she was was getting lit up on the feet at that point too.


I believe it was "rock star" though which is even more ridiculous.


It's pretty obnoxious she keeps filing to trademark phrases as well.

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