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How to watch McGregor vs Diaz in Europe?


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Hi Everyone,


how can I watch McGregor vs Diaz in Europe? Will it be activated the same day? Currently I just can't purchase the PPV-Ticket. Anyone has/had the same problem and knows something?


Only thing that shows up is this:


Due to broadcast restrictions, this video is not available within a UFC® FIGHT PASS™ subscription or as a pay-per-view in your region. Please check your local TV listings for viewing information.


WTF is that? Why are most European countries restricted here?


Thanks and best regards


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Okay good to know. Is there any other way to watch online? I mean any other website than UFC.TV?


They sell PPVs on YouTube. My guess would be if it's blacked out on UFC.TV, it'll be blacked out there too, but you can always take a look to find out for sure.


The company that paid for the TV rights in your country wants you to watch on their TV channel so that they make the money, so I doubt there will be any legal online alternatives.

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