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Attention Comber McGrabber wagon.


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Probably the 3 biggest scumbags in the mma world in one picture! Glorious!

lmao them jimmers been dinged by the Diaz's huh?


I'd say the bigger scumbag's are the cokeheads, adulterers, pedophiles, snitches, and people who hit  pregnant women with cars and then flee and then return for money before fleeing again.


And that's just Jon Jones. There are other more unsavory characters as well.

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I'm not sure I've seen a fight announced yet this year that hasn't bothered him in some way.


I hope they announce Woodley vs. Lawler soon and send him flying over the edge.

I've watched probably 200 fights over three or four promotions this year and maybe 10 have bugged me .. 5% is still too much russle doe
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