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UFC 196 Hype Level: How Much Are You Looking Forward To This Fight Now?

Conor vs Nate Hype  

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  1. 1. How much are you looking foward to this card now that ish got real with Conor and Diaz?

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After that press conference today, and in particular the staredown, I am way more excited for this fight then I was when it was first announced. **** just got personal with Conor and Nate. Nate is going to be genuinely pissed at Conor going into the fight now, seeing as he just laid hands on him and Nate couldn't do a damn thing about it.


How excited are you for Conor vs Nate now? Did your level of interest go up since the fight was announced last week?

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The anticipation is killing me now.


To see these two stand toe to toe and trade bombs in the octagon is going to be simply amazing. Aside from the second belt aspect, I am now more amped up to see Conor fight Nate over RDA.

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Miesha/Holm is pretty good but Conor beating up Nick's little bro on short notice won't go out of the first round. Rest of the card is meh. I'll give it a solid 4/10


Nate trains 24/7 365. Nothing short notice about this, dude was in GREAT shape before he signed on the dotted line.


He didn't get injured in a long prolonged camp, so he will perform better imo.

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Lol you're not bad mate but God damn you flood this forum with your fanboyism and manic thread bombing a little too much

People spamming this forum with too many threads are ruining this forum.


Anyone have any idea for a top 5 thread?

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Not even nearly as much as you and your annoying hate comments. At least Cole is positively supporting someone.

I just posted about liking one of your posts - now you can **** off. Hate comments? I'm a huge supporter of a lot of fighters. Just not junkies, cheating poms or Irish wcc's


Or wcc's in general now that I think about it

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