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LDD's Favorite Neil Magny Fights


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Inspired by this legendary video:



Honorable mention: Kelvin Gastelum


Neil's biggest and most impressive win to date, but can't put it in my top 3 because I still have flashbacks to that 4th round.


3) Erick Silva


Seeing Neil come back after the Maia loss was HUGE. He styled on this brazilian, bieber-haired can and made it look EASY. Most people were saying Silva would run through Neil too, making it a thousand times sweeter


2) William Macario


I am a fan of Daffy Duck, but this was a coming out party in many ways for Neil. We got our first glimpse of Swagny, when Neil put his hands all the way down, screamed at Macario, and literally sprinted after him. This win also put Neil in the UFC record books, as it was his 5th win in the calandar year.


1) Hyun Gyu Lim


Never been more proud of Neil that this fight. Overcame adversity early to rally back and win the fight in dominant fashion. He even beat Lim at his own game!


What are your top 3 Neil Magny fights?

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