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help/tip on going from norway to ufc 200


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hi guys.

just wondering about taking the trip to las vegas too see the ufc 200, never have i been at a ufc event.

just wondering if anybody have som tip about this, anything helps really, about ordering and tickets :)


Not sure if Spirit Airlines flies from Norway but I've had good luck finding cheap flights with them.

Don't fly on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Always seems to cost more.

Sign up for UFC Rewards. You should be able to get enough points by then for free Fan Expo tickets.

If you're getting a hotel, try Motel 6 first. It's about 10 feet off the Strip without paying Strip hotel prices. Also, you'll find better deals on 2 night packages.

Also, you won't need a taxi back to your hotel from the fights if you stay at Motel 6 as it's pretty close to the MGM and the Cosmopolitan. 

If you're flying all the way from Vegas, you might as well buy tickets for all 3 events and the fan expo.

If you're coming with you're SO, take an hour out of your day to listen to a time share pitch. They'll comp you a lot of **** for your troubles. 

Buy a couple shirts at the fan expo and they should give you VIP passes to skip ahead of the lines to meet the fighters.

Have fun man. 

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