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Grover Texas cost me...


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Whatever Buffalo Wild Wings was giving away for picking the main card... what a can.


Fighter, method and round are each worth a point.


I had Means by 2nd round KO/Tko so 3 points.  Perry by 2nd round KO/Tko but BUM Knees is such a can he couldn't get out of the 1st... 2 points.  Cerrone by 3round KO/Tko but Story is such a can he couldn't get out of the 2nd.  McGregor by decision... don't know whether that's 2 or 3 points.


I sat there for half an hour debating Rumble by 1st round KO/Tko or Grover by 3rd round submission.  I picked wrong and despite that I had the most points but someone picked all 5 fights correctly so they win whatever it was despite having 3 less points.  That means they didn't get the method or round on any of the goddamn fights.


That's not right.


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