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Small things about UFC 202


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Since last night I have watched the Nate Diaz fight and the Rumble Johnson fight 4 times each and noticed something in the Rumble fight. As Rumble was finishing Glover someone from the front rows threw something white into the ring, It was something small and I couldn't help but laugh when I realised it was most likely a betting slip.


Another thing noticeable about UFC 202 was the Perry fight, the Perry lad is 8-0 with 7 knockouts so he has real power but he stands straight on hoping to land the shot, there was no feints, no kicks, no faking the TD just standing straight on and swinging. I think he is gonna get a taste of his own medicine real soon when a skilled striker lights him up and sleeps him.


Thirdly, I would now like to see Cody Garbrandt fight either Bryan Caraway or Raphael Assuncao next and if he takes that fight its got to be a title shot vs Dominic Cruz, I thought he was getting to big headed and was taking his eye off the ball but he proved last night what he touches goes down



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