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let's talk some real fights....cruz vs garbrandt is happening


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Cdoy just needs to watch his ego and get it in check, I thought he would actually lose to Mizugaki because of that ego but he sparked him because he possesses crazy power for a 135 fighter, Can he KO Cruz hell yeah he can, to all saying Garbrandt wouldn't catch him remember a grappler like Urijah Faber caught him repeatedly and Cody only needs one.


team Alpha Male have to one day break their duck over Cruz and Cody could be that man but he needs to work damn hard, build his skillset and not become reliant on his power because some guys do not go away

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Tew soon.

I'd like dom to rematch mighty mouse. MM needs a new challenge. In the meantime cody can fight the snake. That would arguably be a bigger grudge match than the fight with Cruz.

I would like the bold, but if you remember, the UFC is having Tim Elliot eventually fight Mighty Mouse, so they can't set up the superfight yet.

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Tim Elliott would smash both of those skinny whiteboys with ease


John Lineker is the real money fight at 135

I just want them to keep feeding Lineker people that will bang with him. I'm excited for the Dodson fight.


Cruz will be going for those useless takedowns that last about 12 seconds on the mat, and dancing around trying not to engage. I'll pass on Lineker fighting him.

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"My response to his critiquing is that he's a little b*tch, first off," Garbrandt said Monday on The MMA Hour. "And he's scared. I went up to him before the fight, we walked in, we're getting security patted down. He's was sitting around there. I just went up to him and let him know, hey, I'm going to knock Takeya out and then you're next. And you should've seen how scared that dude was. He was looking around to see if security was going to break it up.

"And he wants to bring up daddy issues and this and that? He was so scared that his voice was squeaking out like a little b*tch when he was trying to talk sh*t back to me. Oh man, it was hilarious. I felt the energy of how scared he was, and he's a dead man when I lock horns with him. It's just a matter of time."

"Him getting physical? He's never gotten physical," Garbrandt said. "When does he ever get physical? That guy is b*tch-made.

"I said just get ready for it. You can't run. I said, I should slap you right now, you're lucky I got a fight. And he just was trembling in fear. I could feel his body radiating fear from me. I felt bad for the guy. He was, he literally had fear. I could see it, I could feel it off him. I can judge someone by body language and eyes. He was scared, looking around like security will come stop this, will you come get this animal out of here, can you get this savage away from me. And that's he's going to be trying to do: run in there. Reebok should give him a pair of shoes just to run full-time in the fight.

"I think he gave [security] a couple hundred bucks and told him thanks for breaking that up, so he could go on FOX and look all pretty and talk all his sh*t," Garbrandt added. "He didn't want to get beat up."

"Him critiquing me, saying that I'm going back in the rankings, I don't understand that," Garbrandt said. "I could see if I had a horrible performance with Takeya. I knocked that dude out faster than you knocked him out. I beat him faster than you beat him, and you're going to sit there and critique me?

"I heard in an interview that he gets hit 30-percent (of the time), he has a 30-percent chance of hitting me. Dude, you give me a one-percent chance of finding your chin, I'm knocking you the f*ck out. That's plain and simple. I got a 90-perecent knockout rate. You want to talk about statistics? That's what he talks about, stats. That's numbers, buddy. He wants to talk about numbers because he's a point fighter, and point fighters go off numbers and points. I'm a knockout artist and he's going to be on the receiving end of a vicious knockout."

"[Cruz] is just adding fuel to the fire and I'm really going to go out there and break his jaw, and I stay behind everything I say. I back up everything I say 100-percent and this is going to be no different."

"I definitely lost a lot of respect for him, for the choice words that he has said," Garbrandt said. "Like I said, he can say anything about me, but bringing in about coming from a broken family, man? I came from the struggle, so that's nothing to me. I've had far greater things than Dominick dork-**** Cruz standing in front of me trying to steal a dream.

"I grew up with that. That never loses focus. That makes me more focused, more angry, more mad, and I'm already a savage. If you get that, if you get more motivation for me to hurt somebody, I'm going to go in there and do it 100 times more. He should definitely be scared, and he should be thankful that there's going to be a referee in there because I'm going to be raining down vicious strikes over his limp body."

that's one ****ing EPPIIIIIIIIICC spray 
AND NEW !!!!......
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