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A break down to why you could be right or wrong, Its all about perception of a fight


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I would not put too much faith in the image with the stats on it because it claims Diaz landed no shots on the ground when he clearly did so it is wrong in the category and may be wrong elsewhere. Unfortunately stats sometimes do not tell the story of how the fight unfolded. I think we all agree on certain rounds scoring the fight 3-2 to either man with round 2 being the important round and whether round 3 should be scored 10-8,


Round 1 we agree Conor won the round


So did Conor do enough in the opening of round 2 by dropping Nate or did Nate do enough to steal the round the last 90 seconds when he had McGregor all over the place, tough one to call but in my personal opinion how the round ends is important to me because if one guy is in the ascendancy surely he came out of the round on top, Nate also out struck Conor in round 2 by 3 and both had 48% accuracy (according to the more reliable fightmetric) add to the fact a lot of Conor's significant strikes in round 2 were leg kicks.


Round 3 in my opinion had the hallmarks of a 10-8 round because Conor was lucky to escape it and the round was dominated by Diaz as a whole though Conor did land his own counters which may have swayed the judges not to award the 10-8 but the call to score it so is definitely valid,


Conor got back to win the fourth round which was also a closely contested round


Round 5 we can safely score to Diaz in the knowledge he was probably in a fight ending position by the end of the round and again in the ascendancy .


So if you scored the fight 48-47 to either man you have valid reasons and if you scored the fight 47-47 or 48-46 to Diaz (3-2 with the 10/8) you have valid reasons for your belief.



Can we also agree Diaz was certainly in a fight ending position by the end of the fifth and maybe should have taken the fight to the ground early instead of his half hearted attempts that were actually only set ups to get his body into position to fire off shots to Conor's body?

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Slightly better than some of the other threads I think, This at least is not full of hate or worship its a clear reasoning behind the fight last night and were the fight was won and lost in the eyes of both fans

will be soon enough lol

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The argument on whether won the DECISION fight or not is at least silly!


Look, Im not even a Conor fan and I was hoping he could get KTFO but reality are:


1. Nate did not win that fight. 

2. Conor won by a CLOSE DECISION which means he did not erase the maul from back in March.


If Conor and his fans are happy about UFC 202 thats pretty sad and lame!

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