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UFC 202 Report Card: Dana White reveals Conor McGregor will not rematch Nate Diaz for next fight


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FIGHT fans will have to wait for the third fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz with UFC president Dana White declaring the rematch won’t happen anytime soon.


A candidate for fight of the year, the MMA superstars went five rounds in an epic clash which McGregor won by majority decision.


While both fighters declared they’re ready to make their rivalry a trilogy, White has other plans for the 28-year-old Irishman.


“We’re not doing this a third time right now,” White told Fox Sports of another rematch.


“Conor’s either going to defend his title or give his title up.”


McGregor is the UFC featherweight champion, a title he won from Jose Aldo in December last year but hasn’t defended the belt since.


Aldo has been pushing for a rematch while McGregor moved up weight divisions in a bid to become the first UFC dual-weight champion.

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Glad to hear they're not gonna run this one again right away.


Conor needs to go fight Aldo n fix his gas tank.


Diaz needs to sit on his ****, do nothing to improve his skills, n act like a whiney entitled lil ****.


Both will happen.

Conor is not fighting Aldo unless they both are moving up a weightclass

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Fight of the Year is nuts, Robbie and Carlos laughed hard whilst Reyes and Kim just smiled! If they done the McGregor vs Diaz fight next up in 5 months it would still be the biggest fight ever with McGregor fans and casuals back on side and Diaz fans eagerly awaiting Diaz finishing the job he nearly did on Saturday night. In fairness Diaz gave him the rematch so the favour should be returned but it will not be so McGregor should go do what he should have done a long time ago and give Aldo his rematch

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