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McGregor going to wwe?


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I would pay good money to see Brock take Conor to Suplex City about 35 times in a row. But even scripted I think it might diable or kill Conor. Did anyone see the Lesnar vs Orten match this weekend? Good lord. If they planned that then Randy Orten is nuts.


no we didn't see it, because we are not foglets that watch wwe

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Would actually be interesting if they sold it right.


Be surprised how big fairies a lot of the wrestlers are.


The last time they came to Aberdeen I remember Batista told some little kid to **** off when he was waiting for an autograph his older brother reached over the barrier and punched him (out of order I know) but the brother was 16/17 at the oldest and about 170lbs and Batista fell down like he jut been hit by a train. They stopped the match and the referee helped him backstage while he was STILLLLL holding his face.

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