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The Nevada Athletic Commission Just SUSPENDED Brock Lesnar For Failed UFC 200 Tests


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Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar was flagged for banned substances following his UFC 200 victory over Mark Hunt. The WWE and MMA superstar denies taking any banned substances, and in his lone statement ensured his fans he would ‘get to the bottom’ of this.


Well, today the NSAC held their first official hearing on the subject and they’ve opted to suspend Lesnar pending a more thorough investigation and hearing, at a later date.


Brock Lesnar failed two UFC 200 drug tests for estrogen blockers, the same substance Jon Jones was flagged for.

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No the op has a misleading title, usada is still conducting investigation and needs more time Brock is still temporary suspended as investigation continues

wrong, they met today, Tuesday and made a decision to temp suspend him


Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar was issued a temporary suspension on Tuesday by the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC), marking the first step in the adjudication process for Lesnar's multiple UFC 200 drug testing failures



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