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Tate's weight cut had been brutal on her


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Ultimate Fighting Championship has undergone several changes within the past year, but perhaps the most impactful change is how the official weigh-ins are often taking place in the morning rather than the evening before fight-night.
While some fighters have mentioned that they believe the change is for the best, some fighters seems to be struggling with the new process. “UFC 200” saw multiple fighters suffer scares of missing weight, but only one fighter actually did (Johny Hendricks). Miesha Tate had a close call with her weigh-in, weighing in at the last possible minute. A new photograph from ESPN of Tate during the weigh-cutting process has leaked and it appears that she is absolutely exhausted, waiting on the floor for her bath to warm up so she could hop in 
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It was said that due to all the press from being champ she was missing a ton of time outside the gym and workouts. Most likely due to this she was probably heavier than usual and having to cut the weight which would be brutal.

you have to find the balance, part of being the champ.  she has a terrible team to be honest, if she had a good team she would be so much better than she is.  

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