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I don't think he gonna win but I hope he does.

Watching his documentary of his build up into being a fighter, made punk grow on me.

He actually not scared. I like that.

Plus Gall been acting like a ****y idiot so I hope his Bobble head a** gets humbled.

And when he kissed his dad on the lips, that was it.

I wanted Punk to win but not I want Gall to lose.

Bad, too. Hopefully he gets embarrassed.

But I do think he gonna beat Punk. It's expected.

But I'm rooting for Punk and I haven't watched wrestling since WWE was actually WWF.


And Bethe awful, too. I think Eye slightly takes it.

But I could be wrong. Eye's dad passed.

Emotions might take over and cost her the fight.

Depends how she uses it.

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