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5 year old boy sends letter to grandfather in heaven and get's reply.


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Article is in Dutch so you'll have to google translate but here's basically what happened.



According to his mother after his grandfather passed away, 5 year old Phil was inconsolable. So his parents sat down with him and helped him write a letter which they then hung from a helium filled balloon. In the letter Phil asked his grandfather if he was okay and if people were nice to him in heaven. Much to his parent's surprise just a few days later a package arrived at their doorstep. Some anonymous stranger had apparantly found Phil's letter and had managed to find out who Phil was. 


The package came with a letter that said:


"Dear Phil,


Don't you worry about me, I'm doing just fine, eventhough I miss you very much. Thank you for your letter, your balloon flew very high and I was lucky enough to catch it. The package contained a teddy bear "to comfort you when you're feeling sad". According to Phil's mom he takes his bear everywhere and hasn't been sad since.



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I would have wrote back.  


Sorry kid, I checked all around heaven and your grandpa was not here.  He is probably down in hell being bummed by Saddam Hussein and Hitler while Michael Jackson burns his flesh with hot candlewax. 


PS thanks for the Balloon, we had a hoot at Curt Cobains helium rendition of 'My Way'.

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lmao, good thing you didn't find that balloon then :D  

to add to what I said earlier, I don't think people should lie to kids about life and death just to make them feel better or to act a certain way. It just feels manipulative to me. Lying about santa and all that chit is one thing, but this is different. I was never lied to about life and death going through tough times growing up and I got by well enough. But then again I wasn't an "inconsolable" little batch.

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