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Rumor: Nick Diaz In Talks To Replace Lawler, Fight Cerrone at UFC 205 MSG


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When news broke late Friday night that Robbie Lawler had been forced out of his recently-announced fight with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at “UFC 205”, the mixed martial arts community let out a collective groan. However, there are moments when the MMA Gods take away a highly-anticipated fight, UFC President Dana White works hard to more than make up for it. Twitter is currently blowing up, stating that the rumored replacement for Lawler at “UFC 205” in New York City is none other than Nick Diaz

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obviously,he just lost the WW championship. Nick is 7-7 in the UFC. His last win over a WW was over 5 years ago

Everyone spouts that like it means something. Nick is easily undefeated, all his losses were controversial and due to holding or running for dear life. No one beats Nick they survive him. 


N8 clowned Donald. Nick would clown Cowboy worse. 

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