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Cut Mickey Gall NOW


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He is worthy of UFC, but probably too low on the totem pole for all the f-bombs.  


And what's up with all these idiots calling out Sage?  It's like dumb jealousy that a 4 year old has.  Why so much hate?  It's not like Sage is in the top 10.  


He's doing it for money.  He's making a name for himself, the smart way.  The F bombs were a little much, but he destroyed Punk, then refused to talk **** about him, and called out the UFC's poster boy Sage... who he will destroy when they fight.   


Gall is the future.  

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The fear is his eyes when Punk was stalking him down with his fists ****ed was unlike anything I've ever seen in MMA



Mickey didn't have the gall to stand & bang with Punk after seeing the footage. 


If he would have allowed Punk to get off his Jab he couldn't handle that hot fire Goat'ercut right. There would have been eyebrows all over the octagon. 



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