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Is Gabe Ruediger the most appropriately rated TUF contestant?


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Most associate Gabe Ruediger with one thing; failing to make weight on TUF by eating too much cake and stumbling nakedly out of the sauna "as if he was in Africa" (~BJ Penn).


However, he is a former WEC champion - should he get some more respect?


Let's look at his record.


Went 5-1 against un-wikipediaed fighters.


Beat the then 4-3 (now 8-12) Olaf Alonso to take the vacant WEC LW belt


Defended it twice against more un-wikipediaed fighters, before losing it to Hermes Franca (fat, 23-16, although he did once beat Nate Diaz)


Gabe then fought and lost to Melvin Guillard in the UFC before amassing a 7-2 run (the 2 losses being his only fights against fighters with a wiki page.


He then came back to the UFC, gave Joe Lauzon a cake and promptly found himself on the receiving end of a Boston beatdown.  A further loss to Paul Taylor saw Gabe booted out of the UFC, finishing with a paltry 0-3 UFC record and 2-6 wikipedia record.


My verdict is that the community's view of Gabe is just about spot on.


It's all about the cake.



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I met Gabe on the floor after UFC 118 when Joe Lauzon ragdolled him, I just said what up while he seemed to want to continue talking to me.


He looked lost as I walked away, as if he didnt know to go take a seat somewhere or go home. Like a lost child in a department store

That is one of the saddest stories I've ever heard. I can picture him standing there alone, eyes welling up with tears, wanting to shout "I'm Godzilla dammit!" *Godzilla Scream*
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