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Raging Al refuses to sign fight contract, no longer facing Alves


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He never had one to begin with. Nobody knows who this crybaby is. His claim to fame was actually robbing somebody from Detroit.


For the record, his last 3 fights are a TKO of Ross Pearson, TKO of Joe Lauzon and Decision win over Jorge Masvidal. Not too shabby

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Devalued property himself, can't trust him


Rather call Chael to buy a house

That's retarded logic. This is almost as bad as your call for Chris Wade to fight Panic McCondit.


I wouldn't have thought your second impression could be worse than the first impression, but you pulled it off.

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I don't understand why you betas get mad when a fighter wants more money. His argument is that when he signed the contract his earning potential was more because of sponsorships. Now that the UFC took that money out of his pocket he wants more show and win money.


He has two options, keep getting paid ****, or not fight. Apparently selling real estate is a better option than fighting for a top 10 lightweight in the premier MMA organization. That says a lot about the UFC.


Also, before Cashflow comes in trolling about Bellator, those idiots pay less than the UFC does. 

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coach please know I think the only relevant Wade is Dwyane Wade and that i'm completely fine buying a house from Al Iaquinta


I'm just passing time at my job where i'm being paid more than most ufc fighters

You're alright, Mr. Wang.


If you want to pass time like a legend, start playing online poker like TUF does.

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