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CB's cartoon thread


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lol you know when you're high everything is kind of meh. Just look at the LFC post I made the other day. Zero sense.

the LFC thread?  i'm on an insomnia high so if thats the thread i thought it was going to be about Liverpool and didnt have a clue WTF the OP was about so just left :P

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Normally i'm fairly tech savvy with software but for whatever reason i couldn't get this chit to work. I DL'ed for PC last night installed it and then opened the software window comes up but all i get is a pink screen with the logo Plotagon logo with the triangle and no options no nothing else. Not really sure how to proceed.  :(


Also i've read you need an account there to upload but when i tried it just tells me to get the app. LOL muther ****er i already got the app. 


CB you using it on mobile or is the PC version just broken or something? 


....Inb4 incoming plotagon video telling me tl;dr and i'm a big dummy.  :lol:

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