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Joanna champ vs that other Polish chick at 205


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CM Punk vs Brock lesnar is the only way to go at this stage.


cm punk retried.


Ronda said no chance.


Jones suspended.


GSP said no chance.


Brock is suspended.



Whose left that isn't suspended and is healthy and ready to go that is a mega star?

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kk already beat her in Muay Thai competition..... this isn't a cake walk for JJ


I'm not going to trash Karolina because she's awesome... but the Joanna fighting back then was very different, anybody can see Joanna has grown leaps and bounds since then, has Karolina?  



I'm a big fan of Rocky Pennington but Miesha Tate will destroy her, her wrestling is just wayyy too strong for Rocky.  

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Tate vs Pennington? How did that happen?


When Miesha got destroyed, they lost one of their 'believeable' top talents in Bantamweight... so they're trying to give her a squash fight to build her cred back up.  Rocky won't let it be a squash fight, she never does, but it'll be very hard for Rocky to win that fight.  

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