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15 minutes ago, juice64011 said:

It happens to a lot of old threads. I think when they did that big update, it screwed everything up. 

That update was critical for the remaining skeleton crew, and would personally like to thank the brass for keeping our fora up to date.

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4 hours ago, SVTContour98 said:

don't we have video proof of this CBA foglet being...at best 5'6?

That's me alright... Very poor angle!!! I'm actually 6.4ft.. Massive wang too.. Ask @OzPride's missus (Granted, I did go there well before Jamal did)


4 hours ago, Bubba_Sparks said:

Oz could rest his balls on Wickle's forehead.

Oh mate.... You didn't just drop that line, did you?? Come on bro!

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