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JDS, Nogueira get slapped on the wrist by USADA


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I never believe this tainted supplement BS



I do wonder about some stuff tho.


It feels to me that USADA turned out to be a 'bad idea' for the UFC in a long run and I feel as if they kinda regret it tbh.


Now, maybe the new way they have to 'bring guys back' will be to, perhaps, accuse the factories and have this 'tainted bs' as a new thing now ?


I mean lets keep it real ... the HW division needs some more names. JDS and Big Nog, like them or hate them, are a good addition to the division .. is it a coincidence they are both back ? Next news will be Rothwell also took tainted chit so he is also back 

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Excited for JDS to get back fights with Ngannou, Lewis and Tuivasa could be interesting.


Going to be honest don't want to see Little Nog come back, he's a legend but if he does come back I think he gets beat up two or three times before getting cut.

He'd retire before then.

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Do you guys think JDS can make another title run, he is still only 34?


Will have to see how he looks when he gets back before being sure but I see no reason why not.


He has the added bonus of already having two fights with Stipe as well and its one a piece so could one or two impressive wins could set up the rubber match especially since Stipe has went through most of the current challengers already.

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