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An Honest Question About Avengers: Infinity War


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It is smashing records, noticeably eclipsing box office numbers set by Black Panther. This is especially remarkable because it hasn't had near the publicity, fanfare or obvious agenda-driven media push as the movie starring all the black folks. Not to mention its a sequel.


Is the reason for its popularity an unspoken rebellion by those who are fed up with the status quo? Is this sort of like the election of Donald Trump?

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I'm sure they wouldn't choose a movie WITH Black Panther to do that

I haven't watched either movie. It's the rainy season around here, so I had to spend $12 for a tarp from Walmart to protect my cardboard box shelter from moisture. That was my entire budget for this quarter.


Anyway, I've seen a few posters for the Avengers movie. I didn't look at them too closely, but they appeared to be highly Caucasian, and then my silly brain hatched this theory. I still think it's a decent theory.

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in my personal opinion, superhero movies are a fad that will is super cringey and annoying, however tones of nerdgins beg to differ


hopefully someday soon we can go back to originality on the big screen 

This is just unacceptable. 

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