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Alvarez vs. Poirier Rematch Offical For UFC on Fox 30


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Earlier this month, it was reported that the UFC’s July 28 return to Calgary, Alberta, Canada could be headlined by a rematch between top lightweight contenders Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier.


While these reports were met with heaps of excitement, it then sounded as though the fight wouldn’t be happening after all, as Alvarez assured MMA Fighting‘s Ariel Helwani that he wouldn’t be competing until he worked out a new deal with the UFC.


“It’s not **** happening,” Alvarez said of his reported rematch with Poirier. “I’m not fighting until I get a new deal.”


From the looks of it, however, Alvarez and the UFC have worked things out. On Thursday morning, Alvarez took to Twitter to tell Poirier that he would see him in Calgary.

See you in Calgary @DustinPoirier best of luck my friend


— Eddie Alvarez (@Ealvarezfight) May 10, 2018

See you in Calgary [Dustin Poirier],” Alvarez said in his Tweet. “Best of luck my friend.”


Needless to say, it sounds like this anticipated rematch is on. 


Who do you think comes out on top in this anticipated rematch in Calgary?


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The fact is Gaethje f*cked up both of their lead legs.  Alvarez looked really bad and Poirier looked like he was beaten with an aluminum baseball bat.  Dustin's face was fine though where as Eddie's was completely trashed.  They're both lucky that Gaethje fights without much intelligence.


I respect that though.  That's old school just bang it out until someone gets slumped.  Head movement, pull counters, covering up... that chit is for chumps that are scared of the real man.

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Curious, will the winner get the title shot or not, for me its a clear indicator of the number 1 spot. I would have preferred Lee vs Khabib but we can't always get what we want I guess 

Whatever happens we all know New FC is gonna make an interim title for 155 of course

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I'd like to see the Diamond get his revenge against Alvarez then get a shot @ Lee. Lee probably wins but i don't think it's an easy fight for him. Dustin is a pretty tough guy, on the feet he's getting better. He's a killer if he hurts you and his jitz is very solid too. 


Winner fights Hugbib. 

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Eddie definitely wants the W this time and in emphatic fashion. trying to negotiate a new contract with a severe concussion is not recommended

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basically eddie is coming off a big win which gives you better negotiating ability, especially when you are in title contention. The poirer fight is a big risk for eddie and if he loses, his negotiating power will be diminished considerably. If he wins however then he can probably secure himself an even better contract. Eddie wasnt doing so good in their first fight though.

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