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From the thread starter about self driving cars scaring the chit outta me......


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Now I have something else that's absoluetly terrifying.


Uber has released more information about its concept fleet of flying taxis the company started talking about last year.



Wired reports the rideshare company has given some idea of the flying vehicle they're hoping will ease transport congestion by moving some traffic to the skies.


The concept 'Common Reference Model' for these sky taxis will seat four passengers with one pilot in single file on a slender electric powered plane.


Two sets of wing-like supports branch out either side and are joined by battery pods midway with sit stacked rotors held furthest from the main body.


The tail end features a forward facing propeller for horizontal flight and the vehicle will only have one door and large windows.


Uber believes the proposed vehicles would need only five minutes to top up the battery and travel 60 miles on a single charge at speeds between 150 and 200 miles an hour up to 2,000 feet above the ground.


Of course Uber won't be manufacturing fleets of these vehicles and instead wants to remain a rideshare company, connecting the service to passengers.


Instead, the 'Common Reference Model' is to act as the reference point for the kind of vehicle Uber thinks can work in this niche space somewhere between cars and more traditional air travel.


“These concepts are neutral ground that Uber has put together, so we can share insights with all of our partners” says Rob McDonald, Uber’s head of vehicle engineering.


Uber has brought the model to it's Uber Elevate summit in LA this week, in the hopes of engaging some of the 700 industry, government, and academic individuals who may help make the flying taxi fleet a reality.


Uber's other big initiative into self-driving cars has hit a roadblock after a fatality last month which could put the breaks on their partnership to work with Nvidia

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I'm not so on board with this one not at the moment at least. Regular automated cars i'm ok with in limited numbers until the tech catches up and is proven to be more reliable than humans which i think will happen in the near future. That being said i'd prefer a mixture. I like options for people even if it got good enough that in my lifetime i felt comfortable enough with it to choose to not drive myself anymore which is something i generally don't like doing and would kinda welcome. 


Either way i see this stuff as an inevitability and i'm a dinosaur about some things but i don't fight the urge to live in the future that much. 


AI kinda scares the fk out of me though. lol

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