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Rough night to watch


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Three things happened last night that give me pause.  First that poor Raquel and that idiot working her corner.  That SOB needs taken out and beaten as bad as she was and then see if he wants to go back in the wood chipper for another 5 minutes.  That dude is a disgrace and needs to be fired. 


Second Please make Belfort retire before he ends up slobbering all over his sippy cup, broke, brain dead, and only 50 years old, please. 


And of course last, the UFC needs to address the weight issue.  I feel the rules are very lax, they give the fighters over 24 hours to get back up to normal after weigh in, that's a lot of time.  That is very easy to deal with, I mean the second you weigh in, you could rebound quick, and be somewhat normal come the next evening when you fight, that's easy.  For anyone that wrestled in high school, or college, that would be fantastic.  So IMHO, I feel that you should get one hour, if you can't make weight by second weigh in, then that counts as a loss, and you lose your purse. 


The track record on coming in fat is great, they always win, so lose a little money, but gain a win?  It's ignorance to repeat the same thing over and over, it needs to change.  You miss weight, you lose, simple. 


Dern was 7-8 lbs over weight, again, going back to what I know, anyone that has wrestled knows that the hardest weight is the last 2-3 lbs, that's when you body says no more, and you have to push through it to get there.  Hell she didn't even lose the last 5 lbs.  She should have been given a loss, and no fight taken place.  That's a shame, and Cooper was done wrong. 


I keep pen and paper in hand when watching fights and try to keep score, I had Souza, but I will not argue that point, he left it close, and in the hands of the judges, so it's a mute point to argue. 


I'm a 20 year UFC fan, and will always be, but last night was painful for me, and after seeing the video of Raquels corner sending her back out when she asked to stop, just mad me so angry I had to voice it, sorry for the rant.

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the Pennington corner thing doesn't even happen it nunes finishes her during the round like everyone was expecting and at most points in fight hoping for.

i was like please just drop!!!

to rockys credit tho even after she said she was done, she landed a few punches even a combo but there was nothing behind them

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Pfft Pennington had ZERO chance going in,i thought it was a retarded fight to begin with.


Just like the mens division,i see nothing but size as the difference,Nunes from the first day i saw her i knew she had a chance because of her size,i saw it again in the Dern fight,wtf is the reason for weight classes?


As to cornermen,i have hardly seen any good corner /teams for any fighter in all of the UFC.

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I can't remember where the idea comes from (likely more than one source), but I like tying purse forfeiture to the number of lbs overweight.


Ten percent per pound.


So, you weigh in at 157 for a 155 fight. You're two pounds overweight (forget the 1lb overage allowance for non-title fights). If you made 156 you'd be fine, but you didn't and you're two lbs north of the lightweight limit. Two pounds over = 20% of purse.


So, basically the current 20% would be the minimum you could lose by coming in overweight. If you blow the weigh-in completely like Dern did (8lbs over), you're forfeiting 80% of your purse to your opponent.

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