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Darren Till's weight cut video released, huge backlash


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Darren Till's fight vs Wonderboy was riddled with controversy due to his weight cut before the fight even happened. Till came in at 174.5 and then was forced to weigh in again during the day of the fight to make sure he did not go above 188lbs. He came back in at 187.5 and the fight went ahead.


Till stated that he had an emergancy and had to put his cut on hold, his team released footage of his weight cut which clearly show Till in an extremely poor state during the weight cut. Till was clearly fatigued and at one point lost his eye sight due to dehydration. His team continued to allow him to try cut the weight knowing that he was basically destroying his own body.


The commission has since responded to the release of the footage claiming that his corner should be suspended over the incident as "They're going to get him killed"


What is your opinion on the situation? The video of the weight cut has been difficult to find due to Youtube continually removing it, I have found it and it does not appear to have much audio but shows the true damage of the weight cut


https://streamable.com/nfiam - Weight cut video 


https://www.mmamania.com/2018/6/1/17416846/commission-wants-darren-tills-corner-suspended-over-grisly-weight-cut-going-get-him-killed-mma - Souce of commissions response 

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My takeaways -


1 He should never compete at WW again

2 His team should be suspended

3 The family emergency was him knocking on death's door

4 how many sh!theads does it take to sit around you and do nothing more than stare at you in silence when you are going through something like this?  He had plenty.

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If he got to the pppoint int if losing his sight, then his team ****ed up.


Yes you want your guy to make the fight, yes you know he will do near anything to get There. But they are supposed to be the voice of reason both in and outside the cage. Watching him and protecting him from himself and his will to keep going even when going is hurting him.


Doubt anything will happen, but I'm sure more eyes will be on his cuts going forward.

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MW could use Till at this moment.


Luke left

Jacare became a legit can crusher

Bisping retired

Costa still climbing the division


Would not be surprised if Till struggled massively in the MW division, its full of guys who have legit ground games... unlike Till

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My opinion is that the UFC should stop pretending there's no problem and should define rules that put an end to weight cutting once and for all.


Have the guys weigh in everyday for a whole week before the fight or have usada weigh them everytime they show up. The guys have to be on weight weeks before the fight or out. Have them fight healthy and hydrated at their actual ****ing weight.

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Weight cutting is part of the sport. I feel that video was made public to show he tried to make weight, hence why it's focused on the worse possible bits.


I don't like extreme cuts but it's a sport and people want a competitive advantage. If he wants to do it let him do it. It's up to the UFC to offer him fights and if they are happy he'll stay at 170. This experience could be beneficial for him, he will cut better in the future

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Is this why the comission over reacted with Yoel, aparently they gave him 2 hours to cut the rest if the weight & then an hour later demanded they stop & put him back on the scale cause they were worried about the cut being dangerous.

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Where is Dana..the UFC why are they not forcing fighters to move up after they miss weight?The whole system sucks balls anyhow,be a man, an athlete and fight at the proper weight.We got a real good glimpse of how much these guys try to cheat the system a few months ago when Holloway a fighter i would have never guessed was 2 levels higher in weight,so yeah tons of fighters winning the fight outside the ring instead of inside the ring where it belongs.


Any of these 6 foot fighters tried to fight at 170 they would be toothpicks,easy pickings.

What is the penalty currently for missing weight,a 20-30% purse fine ..lmao,then they win the fight and get paid 5x that because your winning and not losing.There is more incentive to miss weight than to fight at weight.

A guy like Till for example loses,his earnings/value diminish quickly,he goes over weight and wins he remains a high priced commodity.

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