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Report: Yair Rodriguez Un-Fired by UFC, Fighting at UFC 228


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Hopefully Yair gets paid appropriately and this doesnt turn into another WB v Til nightmare for Yair. This is a no win situation for him so I hope he gets paid well.

I hope he gets paid what he signed his contract for. Don't like the pay, don't like the contract
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Why should he accept a sh$it fight for sh$it pay when its a no win situation for him?

because they were the terms he agreed to when he signed his contract. If he didn't get pink socked by Frankie he might've had some bargaining power.
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Actually suprised Golden boy promotions or Coker didnt throw the kitchen sink at Yair while they had the chance.


He probably never actually got to the point where he was contractually free to negotiate with anyone else.

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doesnt say much other than they verbally agreed to fight.....do you know the terms?


Also says they gave him his old contract back....can't really say if hes getting a better deal in this fight.


vert, this idiot had a better contract from combate and they pulled the offer too


Dana said they offered him Lamas awhile ago and then Zabit. He wasnt fighting Zabit and got released. Hes now fighting Zabit and no one else


whats tough to understand about this?? Even for you, this should be easy to comprehend

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